December 2

No regular worship this Sunday, December 6th 
Instead, 15 minute private communion services 

This Sunday we will once again pivot our plans for worship due to the high COVID-19 case count within Ellis county.  We will be offering private communion services like we did in the spring.  
So time slots for communion are now available for Sunday morning from 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. 15 minute intervals with no more than ten at a time. 
We are still offering private communion Saturday evening as well.  
If you have any trouble, please contact for help registering.   
 The sermon will be broadcast via Facebook Live on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. on December 5th.  It will then be available via our YouTube page later that evening or by Sunday morning.  
Please continue to cover this situation, medical workers, and those with COVID-19 in prayer.  
November 27
Members of CTK, we are now aware of four active cases in our church and we are concerned there may be others who are positive and are asymptomatic. To be on the cautious side, and hopefully proactive, the elders have cancelled services for this Sunday and Wednesday December 2nd to let some time pass before we gather again. Hopefully, that will all that will be needed to safely enable us to meet again for public worship. We hope to resume worship and other activities December 6th.
Please keep the church office informed if you or someone you know from the church has tested positive. The information will be helpful as the elders decide what to do from here and can keep your health in their prayers.
We appreciate your patience and understanding. God bless, Pastor Raebel
November 25

The Board of Elders meet tonight and make the following recommendations/changes:

It was decided beginning December 6 to once again social distance all pew sections and create more spacing and seating by the removal of tables in the choir section.

The children’s christmas program will be advised to do both services with encouragement to spread out the family attendance between the two services.
It was also asked to encourage people to wear their masks during Bible class.
Please contact Pastor Raebel or any member of the board of Elders with questions or concerns.
September 19
At the last Board of Elders meeting, authority was given to adjust safety measures at Christ the King to Pastor Raebel and to Dr. Jason and Leigh Nordstrom (County Health Commissioner). On a phone call with Dr. Jason Nordstrom last Thursday, September 17th, it was shared that COVID numbers are lowering, that hospitals are not overwhelmed, the mortality rate has “somewhat” lessened and the therapeutics of treating this virus have improved.
With this information, it was decided that middle section of pews will no longer be taped for social distancing. However, if one is to sit there, we highly, highly, recommend mask wearing in that section. Remember, we are not out of the woods yet. Please stay home if you are running a fever or feeling ill and catch us online. Please remember to implement all other safety measures when visiting CTK, like sanitizing hands, wearing masks when social distancing is not possible or when not eating or drinking. We appreciate the due diligence of all members at CTK, while in the building or outside the building, for keeping us COVID free during this pandemic
July 12
Dear Members of CTK,
Present at the emergency elders’ meeting held on July 12, 2020, were five elders, Pastor Raebel, and congregational president Dr. Nordstrom. After being made aware of the increased hospitalization rates and positive results on COVID-19 testing and receiving input from Dr. Nordstrom, they discussed whether our regular worship practices could safely be done in this environment.
Based on present attendance, and the observed diligence of those attending in wearing masks, sanitizing, and social distancing, it was decided that our normal worship services can be safely conducted in our present environment with the exception that all pews will be marked for social distancing. It was also decided that there will be no need for pre-registration for attendance or assigned seating. The Board of Elders would like to commend the members of CTK for their due diligence in these matters and strongly encourage them to continue in it. As always, the elders are open to input from congregational members not just in this issue, but all issues which you have constitutionally assigned and elected them to oversee.
Blessings, Pastor Raebel
July 9
Dear Members of CTK,
The Board of Elders and pastor continue to commend all of you for your due diligence of maintaining health safety rules on your own volition. However, many people outside our church are not. Dr. Nordstrom shared with us this week that Ellis County is receiving 100 new positive COVID-19 cases a day, and the hospitals are running at a dangerous 85% capacity.
Seeking to keep our church a COVID-19 free zone, the Board of Elders will be looking again to take proactive measures. Their decision will be based upon relevant COVID-19 numbers, church attendance numbers, and obedience to health safety rules observed by our congregation (i.e. social distancing, masking, sanitizing, etc.).
If they, along with Dr. Nordstrom find our normal Sunday morning routines are beyond safety measures, we will return to three services (7:30, 8:45, 11:00 a.m.) beginning July 19th. All pews will again be sectioned off for social distancing, but seating assignments, this time, will not be conducted. Bible Class and Sunday School will be held from 10:00-10:45 a.m.
The decision will be made shortly after the July 12th services, so please stay tune to emails coming from our church. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this crisis. As always, your elders are open to hearing your concerns on this matter. God’s Blessings, Pastor Raebel
July 6
Members of CTK, due to the recent surge of COVID-19 cases, Pastor Raebel will be offering private communion for those not yet comfortable attending public worship services. It will be offered the second Saturday of August. After that, it will once again be re-evaluated to see if it will still be needed. If you wish to use this service, please sign up, let me know the number in your party. We will keep each 10 minute communion service total to 10 or less people.
Blessings, Pastor Raebel
July 1
Members of CTK, due to the recent surge of COVID-19 cases, private communion will be offered for those not yet comfortable attending public worship services. It will be offered the first Saturday of each month for July and August only. After that, this practice will be re-evaluated, to see if it will still be needed. If you wish to partake in private communion, please sign up using the link below. Please be sure to indicate the number of participants in your party, this will ensure that we keep each 10-minute communion service total to 10 participants or less. Blessings, Pastor Raebel
May 24

Dear Members of christ the king ,
After a meeting with President Dr. Nordstrom, head elder John White, and myself on May 21, 2020, taking into consideration the previous responses from the elders, we are in agreement to begin the next phase of re-opening. However, after that meeting, a few things have been amended. The following is the current proposal.
  • On June 14th, we return to our normal two service times. People will be asked to be responsible for their own health.
    No need to sign up for services beginning June 14.
  • Both the entrance and sanctuary doors will now be closed.
  • Adult Bible Class will resume.
  • Hymnals will be placed back in the pews.
  • No more limitations imposed on attendance, if people believe they are not in a safe environment, they are free to leave without judgment.
  • Only one of the three pew sections will be sectioned off for social distancing, meaning that every other pew will not be available. Social distancing from side to side will not be configured.
  • Where social distancing is not possible for worship, please follow the recent CDC guideline of wearing masks. We will attempt to provide masks for those who do not have any. If you know of any who would be willing to make some for members, please let the church office know.
  • No handshake greeting from the pastor at the end of the services.
  • The congregation will be asked to visit at the parking lot or fellowship hall. Visitation in the narthex will be discouraged.
    For safety measures, we will continue to impose the following beginning June 14.
  • Offering Plate will not be passed.
  • Common Cup will be blessed but not offered during communion.
  • No passing of the peace.
  • Bible Class and Services will be videotaped and made available through media through the end of June.
  • No worship bulletins or Scroll.
  • A wipe down of the communion rail after each table.
  • No Adult Choir or Handbell Choir rehearsals.
  • Sanitization station will still be offered in the narthex.
  • We will ask for people to stay home if they have uncontrollable cough, sneezing, and/or running temperature. We must encourage all to “consider others more than yourself”. (Phil. 2:3).
  • We encourage those with health conditions to stay home and worship on-line.
    Other church activities
  • Kurt will re-start Men’s Saturday morning Bible Study.
  • Kurt, with permission of parents, will re-start Children’s Choir.
  • Pastor will coordinate with 8th grade parents a Sunday to perform the Rite of First Communion This is different from the Rite of Confirmation which will be held in August).
  • Allison will restart youth ministries with certain social distancing guidelines.
  • Board of Education, after devising a safety plan on how Sunday School will work, will seek input from Sunday School families on their plan and ask if they believe Sunday School can be done safely with the suggested plan before setting a date for the reopening of Sunday School.

    I would like to thank Dr. Nordstrom, John White and elders, and the CTK staff for taking the time to help formulate a plan on how we can safely move on from here.

    In Him,


May 20
Dear Members of CTK,
We wanted to send an additional email to clarify about registering to attend worship on Sundays. You need to sign up every week. The sheet resets and does not “roll over” week to week. A link to sign up will be sent out every Monday and Wednesday via email, and it can also be found on our Facebook page and website. Please register by 4pm on Wednesday. This allows us to finalize seating arrangements on Thursday as the church office is closed Friday and Saturday. We realize this may be inconvenience, but we ask for your patience and cooperation as we seek to safely serve you.
We will continue to have assigned seating. Please understand that your assigned seat may change week to week. This is because attendance is changing week to week, with families sometimes switching which services they are attending. Per Monday’s email, we will consider requests to have your seating assignments changed; this does not guarantee your request will be fulfilled. Again, please be patient and understanding as we navigate this new normal.
We foresee needing to pre-register and have assigned seating though early June.
Please respond to this email or call the church office at 972-938-1633 with any questions or concerns or if you need help registering for worship.
May 18
Dear Members of Christ the King,
We wish to thank you for your cooperation of all the safety rules we put in place in order for us to resume public worship services. We know it is a hassle for you to sign up for worship, but it makes everything easier when you do.  For now, the changes put in place will last at least until May 31st or beginning of June. Soon, the elders will be meeting to discuss how we move forward from here. One item we would like to remind you of, is that if you use a hymnal, please put it back on a separate table to help us know which ones need to be cleaned. Also, a big thank you to the Markwardts for cleaning the sanctuary in between service times! If there are other safety rules you think our church needs to be made aware of, please notify us. We will consider them. We wish to make your worship experience a safe and comfortable one, where again, we seek to may your trip to receive the Bread of Life, safer than your trip to buy bread from a grocery store.
In Him, Pastor Raebel
Sign Up here! 
May 4
Dear Members of Christ the King,
Give glory to God! There is enough interest to warrant a third service on May 17th. We appreciate your cooperation in making this happen. What this means is that the service times are now 7:30, 9:00, and 11:00 a.m. Online Bible study will go from 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. If you wish to change your selected service times, you may do so until May 14th. For those who wish to stay with private communion services, we will be offering two more of those on Saturdays, May 23 and 30th from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Our prayers our that God will bless these ventures as we seek to return to some semblance of normalcy. Registration for church attendance may be required for some time, to allow us to assign seats in line with social distancing guidelines. We ask for your patience and understanding with these procedures and seating arrangements. Please click on the links below for registering for attendance or private communion on May 23 and 30. If you need assistance please call the church office at 972-938-1633 or email DCE Allison Daniels at
In Him, Pastor Raebel
Click the link to register: 
May 2
1. Remember, we are in a crisis situation so sacrifice and patience will be required all around. To make the seating happen, you will probably not be assigned where you sat before and we ask all of you cooperate as we seek to have public worship within safety guidelines. If you are here this Sunday, you will be able see where your assigned seat is.
2. You will need to register for Worship. Go to the website or click the picture below to do so. If you are not a member and would like to join us, or need help in registering, please call the church office at 972-938-1633.
2. After you have taken communion, please take the used individual glasses with you and deposit in the plastic bowl near your exit from the rail. This will speed up the cleaning process in between tables.
3. Hymnals will be available on your way in. If you pick one up, please make sure you take it out, so it can be cleaned for the next user. Please refrain from using the pew Bibles. If you do, please take it out with you at the end of service to be cleaned.
4. At the end of service, please stay seated until you are ushered out by the elder.
5. Another service has been added. New times are 7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. The first two will be traditional. The third will be contemporary. If the third service is added, you are welcomed to move your name to the service time of your choice. However, no changes can take place after May 14th.
6. Finally, please refresh yourself on all the other safety rules publicized previously (video available on YouTube video and written guidelines below). If you need a copy of them, please call the church office at 972-938-1633.

Guidelines for May 17, 2020 Worship 

Praise the Lord! God willing, public worship will begin on May 17th! Remember, God willing! Future developments regarding COVID-19 could push that date back. Keeping that in mind, we do believe it is important to give the congregation advance notice to prepare and educate everyone on what the church is doing and the church’s expectations from its members to make public services happen and continue to happen.

We start with what Christ the King is going to do for your safety.

  • We will keep the front entrance open as well as the sanctuary door.
  • There will be an offering plate on a stand as you enter the sanctuary if you wish to leave an offering.
  • A family unit of four or more will have their own pew. For the rest of the congregation, the pews will have a number marking the amount of people who can sit in them.
  • We will commune a pew at a time on each side of the altar rail.
  • The rail will be sanitized after each table dismissal.
  • An elder will usher you out at the end of service to make sure you keep the required social distance.
  • A sanitizing station will be available as you enter and leave the building.
  • The sanctuary will be cleaned, and pews wiped down and sanitized in between services.
  • There will be no Sunday School, Adult Bible Class, children’s sermon, or children’s church.
  • There will be no physical contact before and during services when greeting and sharing of the peace. At the end of service, Pastor Raebel will stand at the door and be available for greetings, questions and sharing of concerns.
  • We will offer two services (traditional and contemporary). We will offer a second traditional service, if numbers warrant.
  • We will limit our capacity to 50 attendees or less per church service.
  • We will continue to offer online services and Adult Bible study.
  • We will offer two private communion services on May 23 and 30 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • There will be no worship folders or Scroll. The services will be on the screen.
  • The pastor and elders will sanitize their hands before distributing communion.
  • If you are uncomfortable attending these services and yet desire communion, call the church office to set up a private communion with the pastor.

Now, what we will ask of you for your safety and that of others:

  • If you are sick, running a fever, coughing, or sneezing, please stay home and watch the church services online.
  • If you have an underlying at-risk health conditions (i.e. high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, COPD, etc.) please stay home and watch our church services online until the state eases its restrictions.
  • We recommend you wear a mask until we receive more clearance from the state.
  • Please sanitize your hands on the way in and out.
  • Please do all your socialization in the church parking lot and not in the narthex. If it gets too crowded in the narthex, please respect the elder or the pastor who will encourage you to step outside.
  • Please refrain from using the bathrooms. If you must use them, after exiting and before you touch anything, you will need to sanitize immediately.
  • Finally, please sign up for attending these services on the google document which will be emailed out every week until the relaxation of requirements. Those who have done this for private communion should be aware of how it works. You will need a gmail account to access the document. If you cannot access the document, please call the church office to sign up for attending. This will help to ensure to keep our attendance to 50 or less per service. If both services have reached required capacity, we will add a second traditional service.

We know that these are a lot of restrictions to keep in mind. We, therefore, politely ask for your cooperation and understanding if an elder or the pastor reminds you about them on a Sunday. By following these, the best we can, we are able, in good conscience, to resume public worship which many of you are desiring. We ask for your patience.  Remember, these guidelines have been written with the stay in shelter in place.  Who knows?  Many of them may be gone by May 17th. Together, we can get through this, and with God’s help, this will be over soon, allowing us to worship without restraints.


In Him,


Pastor Raebel