March 3, 2021 
Governor Abbott’s latest edict on the COVID-19 restrictions has created a topic for discussion among Texans. We believe his edict requires a response from our doctors and leaders in our church. We start with how Christ the King got to where it is now. When COVID-19 first came out, it was believed by the leaders of the church, that a small professional committee of three could act more efficiently to protect the health needs and concerns of the church as we went through this pandemic. That committee consisted of myself, and Drs. Jason and Leigh Nordstrom (who also serves as Ellis County Health Commissioner). Politics never entered in the discussion of these three when considering COVID-19 restrictions in our church. All decisions were based on the current data, morale, and the responsibilities of a Christian pastor to serve his flock.
Though the committee has had strong powers on imposing or easing restrictions over this past year, it always kept in mind that in line with our constitution, the voters, and their representatives, the church council, and Board of Elders, are the ultimate authority of what takes place in this area. So far, the council and Board of Elders have been following the counsel of the committee.
That counsel has been to recommend but never require masks for entry into our church (The council did vote to require masks just for Christmas Eve services, an action not initiated by the committee of three). It has also counseled social distancing and sanitation rules. The current data has allowed us to open a view more seats in the church. We have moved from 60 to now about 75 seating capacity.
Abbott’s edict still leaves it up to the churches to create and sustain their own COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, the response of the committee of three, is at this time, to remain with current COVID-19 restrictions CTK has in place, believing the current data is not at a place where we can comfortably and safely lift all restrictions in our church. Please be assured, the situation will be constantly monitored by the committee of three so that any lifting of restrictions can be done as soon as possible.
What does this mean? That our current policy of recommending the wearing of masks, social distancing and sanitation rules stay in place. The committee of three out of love, believes it is best to err on the side of caution. We ask that all will act out of love, as St. Paul encourages Christians to do so in 1 Corinthians 16:14. This means, refrain from being confrontational with anyone not wearing masks, or with anyone wearing a mask during worship services and Sunday school. Remember, our policy has always been “recommend” not “required”. Finally, pray for our church and its members, that our Lord will protect us from letting this become a divisive issue in our parish. He is a God of order and peace. Chaos and division come from the evil one. Pray also, that our Lord will lift this pandemic from His people.
In His Name,
Pastor Raebel